Release date: 2012-10-18


Upgrade from SBuild 0.1.2

If you have written you own SchemeHandler, you have to adapt it to the new SchemeHandler API. The method resolve got a second parameter targetContext of type TargetContext.


Changes since SBuild 0.1.2

  • Improved classloading for ScalaTest and JUnit addons.

  • Incompatible API change: SchemeHandler can now have dependencies, when implementing the trait SchemeHandlerWithDependencies and have access to them through the TargetContext, which will be given as parameter into resolve method.

  • Added new ZipSchemeHandler to reference zipped resources, a typical use case for original online dependencies like TestNG, JUnit or SWT.

  • Fixed a bug, where the self-evaluated up-to-date state of phony targets was lost causing some unnecessary executions.

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