package addons

SBuild Addons Reference

This is the API Reference for SBuild Addons.

This version is designed to be used with SBuild 0.7.3.

Project Homepage:

SBuild Addons are released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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Value Members

  1. package bnd

    Addons supporting the Bundle Tool from Peter Kriens.

  2. package java

    Addons for the Java toolchain.

  3. package junit

    Addons for unit testing with JUnit.

  4. package scala

    Addons for the Scala Compiler toolchain.

  5. package scalatest

    Addons to support unit testing with ScalaTest.

  6. package support

    Support and utility classes to write SBuild addons.

  7. package testng

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