Get back in control of your build!

SBuild provides a magic-less build configuration for reproducible builds.

SBuild is a fast and reliable build system most suitable for projects targeting the JVM. SBuild itself and the buildfiles are written in Scala. But typical build system maintenance tasks require almost no special Scala knowledge.

SBuild - the magic-free yet powerful build tool

SBuild is a Scala-based open source build tool with a focus on speed, flexibility and reproducibility.


By parallel execution of build steps and automatic change detection SBuild enables very short build times and rapid incremental builds.

Project scripts will be automatically compiled on the first run. Subsequent SBuild invocations will execute these compiled scripts almost instantly.

Standardized Projects plus Flexibility

With a growing number of available plugins SBuild encourages standardized project setups, but without compromising flexibility. At any time, you can customize your build when needed.

Magic free

SBuild does not make any assumptions about your build environment. It does not guess settings or additional buildfiles. You can always know what it will do based on one single entry point: the buildfile. Your co-workers and your CI team will thank you afterwards.

We believe, this is a requirement to achieve stable and reproducible builds over time.

Easy Integration of Existing Tools

SBuild integration capabilities allow tools like Ant tasks, Eclipse Aether (Maven) or Adept to integrate seamlessly.

SBuild’s plugin container is capable to isolate plugin implementations, so that plugins will not interfere with others. Each plugin has fine control which API’s it will export to it’s consumer.


SBuild is developed and published under the Apache License, Version 2.0. The source code is hosted publicly on GitHub.

You can ask questions on the mailing lists (sbuild-dev, sbuild-user), IRC, or Twitter. You can report bugs or new feature ideas on our issue tracker on GitHub. And any kind of contribution, be it pull requests, ideas, documentation or any other feedback is much appreciated.

Recent News

SBuild 0.7.7 - About Thread Deadlock fixes and parallel ClassLoaders in Scala
17 December 2014

We released SBuild 0.7.7 which fixed a potential thread deadlock issue.


SBuild 0.7.6 - ScalaDays Hackathon Release
31 May 2014

We released SBuild 0.7.6 for a smooth ScalaDays Hackathon experience. It brings various fixed for the 0.7.x line.


SBuild Eclipse Plugin 0.4.3 released
09 May 2014

This maintenance release of the SBuild Eclipse Plugin improves the error highlighting in the buildscript editor and fixes some refresh problems.


SBuild 0.7.5 released
04 April 2014

Going to the ScalarConf in Warsaw, Poland from Leipzig, Germany takes a lot of time. We used it wisely and made another SBuild release.


SBuild 0.7.4 released
20 March 2014

SBuild 0.7.4 fixes a potential deadlock issue in 0.7.2 and 0.7.3.


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