29 July 2012 by Tobias Roeser

I’m happy to announce, that SBuild made it’s first public release: SBuild 0.1.0.

The purpose of this release is to have a stable foundation to base development one, so that SBuild 0.1.0 can be used to build itself as well as various other projects.

To start, download the SBuild Disbritution, unpack it and run sbuild. Under Windows, you might need to set the environment varible SBUILD_HOME.

The most important steps after this release is to gather feedback and to complete the documentation. For now, there is the Wiki and the Scala-Doc. A DocBook-based Documentation to be released as PDF and HTML is in planning, too.

As there are many things to write about, I don’t know exactly were to start. What do you want first?

  • Documentation of the various features

  • Documentation about the internals of SBuild

  • Mini-Howtos ? la How to compile a Java Project

  • Ant-Integration

  • Documentation of Ant-Wrappers

  • Migration-Examples from other Buildsytems

  • Best Practices about dependency management

  • Howto setup Multi-Projects

Please leave some comments or open a ticket!

Now, I wish you much fun with a powerful and fast build system for (but not limited to) the Java platform.

Best regards,

Tobias Roeser

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