26 January 2013 by Tobias Roeser

Today, I have the pleasure to announce the next SBuild release: SBuild 0.3.2.

This version now comes with three preconfigured scheme handlers: "http", "mvn" and "zip", which brings immediately various improvements: All preconfigured scheme handler can also be used in @classpath and @include annotations. So, the typical Ant dependency, pointing the the Maven Central repository, can now be written as @classpath("mvn:org.apache.ant:ant:1.8.4"). Which brings us to the next improvement. Those Ant jars and possible various other jars you typically use, are stored in the local Maven repository and are thus shared. No need, to download and re-download them again and again. As long as you don’t want to customize the configuration of the default scheme handlers, you now no longer need to register them by yourself. You can no longer forget to add them and of course, you build files will count three lines less, now. Of course, you should ensure that you build script requires on SBuild 0.3.2 now with @version("0.3.2").

Beside the above changes, SBuild 0.3.2 fixed a bug in the annotation parser, preventing the use of standard Scala comments ("//") in and after those annotations. Also, it brings a new ScalaRepl addon and the AntZipFileSet wrapper for easier use of the AntJar task. Long running downloads will now print a progress.

I wish you much fun with this newest SBuild release.

Tobias Roeser

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