11 March 2013 by Tobias Roeser

I’m happy to announce the release of SBuild 0.4.0.

This version brings a lot of new features and speed improvements. Up-to-date state calculation of phony targets is now based on (virtual) lastModified timestamps, which can be overridden in a target via TargetContext. Phony targets can now be cached - SBuild will not reexecute them if the dependencies or the project file did not change. Additional files can be attached to targets. Empty phony targets will automatically attach all files of their dependencies and last but not least, the SBuild comand line got improved. Essential information are highlighted with colors and error messages output got some love, too. (Read the full changelog here.)

You can download SBuild 0.4.0 here. Your feedback is much appreciated!

Kind Regards,
Tobias Roeser

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