29 April 2013 by Tobias Roeser

The next release is out the door.

SBuild Eclipse Plugin 0.4.1 finally fixed a long standing bug regarding the refresh of the classpath container. Now, classpath container refreshes should always work, especially, after required projects (via workspace resolution) were closed or opened.

This version also improves the SBuild embedder, which now is only loaded once to reduce cosumed memory and improves speed.

If you are a user of SBuild, please let me know! I’m interested in all of your use cases and workflows. Also, if you tried SBuild but had issues, let me know about them, so we can improve SBuild. If you heard about SBuild because you wanted to close a gap, other build systems leave open, tell us, e.g. by writing in the forums or by creating a ticket.

Hope, SBuild and SBuild Eclipse Plugin improved also your workflow and makes coding more fun.


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