21 November 2013 by Tobias Roeser

SBuild main source code repository switched from Subversion (svn) to Git. With this switch, we also splitted the existing repository. Only the sbuild basis projects are in the new git repository. Other projects, like the SBuild Eclipse Plugin will be moved into their own git repositories in the near future.

To checkout / clone the SBuild repository use the following command:

git clone http://sbuild.tototec.de/git/sbuild

There is also a HTTPS variant, but as SBuild currently uses a self signed server certificate, you need some special treatment to use it:

GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=true git clone https://sbuild.tototec.de/git/sbuild

Only the HTTPS variant supports pushing (registered SBuild developers only) whereas the read access does not require any authentication.

There is also a (read-only) mirror repository on Github: https://github.com/SBuild-org/sbuild-mirror.

If you have problems accessing the new repositories, please report!

Best regards,

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