Release date: 2012-09-26



Changes since SBuild 0.1.0

  • SBuild now builds itself. SBuild-0.1.0 is required. :-)

  • SchemeHandler API changed: Return value of resolve-method changed to ResolveResult.

  • Added new parameter forceDownload to HttpSchemeHandler.

  • Improved/fixed up-to-date detection for prerequisites/dependencies from different projects.

  • Only targets defined in buildfiles will be shown with --list and --list-recursive, implicitly create targets will be not.

  • Improved error messages.

  • Improved logging.

  • Added new commandline option --dependency-tree to show the dependency tree for the requested targets.

  • Better cycle-detecting in target dependencies.

  • Better detection, if the buildfile needs recompilation in case that different versions of SBuild are used.

  • Run SBuild JVM with more PermGemSpace to avoid OutOfMemoryErrors.

  • New Eclipse Plugin that is able the provide a classpath container based on an SBuild buildfile. Therefore the function ExportDependencies was added.

  • Removed parameter dir:String from AntMkDir.

  • Added parameter fileSets to AntCopy.

  • Added parameter jvmArgs to AntScalac.

  • Added parameter failOnError to AntJava.

  • Added a lot of new parameter to AntJavac.

  • Added parameter envs to AntEcec.

  • Added addon ScalaTest.

  • Added addon JUnit.

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