Release date: 2012-10-23



Changes since SBuild 0.1.3

  • Added parameters to AntZip Ant wrapper: compress, keepCompression, filesOnly, fileSet, fileSets

  • Added parameters to AntJar Ant wrapper: compress, keepCompression, filesOnly, metaInf, fileSet, fileSets, manifestEntries, manifestSectionEntries, service, services

  • Added parameter to AntCopy Ant wrapper: fileSet

  • Added @configuration annotation, to declare required configuration parameters in a project

  • Eclipse plugin: Fixed an problem with an incomplete project classpath that could break loading of projects in some situations.

  • Eclipse plugin: Handle errors while reading the build file and retrieving dependencies

  • Improved ZipSchemeHandler: The targetFile parameter now treats its argument as path relative the to project directory.

  • Internal changes in classpath handling. The various classpathes SBuild needs when reading, compiling and executing projects are now read from a properties file in the installation directory, which decouples embedded solutions like the Eclipse Plugin and allows them to load different SBuild versions.

  • Added get method to Prop object, to easily test, if an property is set.

  • Eclipse plugin: Decoupled plugin version from SBuild JARs. Plugin no longer includes core packages and load SBuild JARs from it installation directory.

  • Ensure, ZipSchemeHandler does not overwrite files with same name from different archives.

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