Release date: 2013-09-19



Changes since SBuild 0.5.0

  • Fixed a bug in SBuildEmbedded concerning incomplete file lists for local file dependencies.

  • New ResolveFiles API to eagerly resolve dependencies, e.g. to fulfil additional dependencies of a scheme handler.

  • Changed SchemeHandler API again. Replaced the type String of the path parameter by the new type SchemeContext. With this change, a scheme handler is able to retrieve the effectively used scheme.

  • Refactored initialization logic of ProjectTarget into Project. ProjectTarget is now free of any SchemeHandler logic.

  • Download methods of util, HttpSchemeHandler and MvnSchemeHandler set an SBuild specific user agent. This fixed 403 Forbidden issues for some Maven repositories (e.g. Central).

  • Updated dependencies: Jansi 1.11, CmdOption 0.3.1

  • Added new cmdline option --jobs, -j to configure the number of targets to run in parallel.

  • Improved error handling for parallel builds. A failed target now fails the complete build instantly.

  • Handle invalid commandline options properly.

  • Better download progress (percent, content length, url) and failure handling (resume, retry).

  • Moved SBuild runner into separate project de.tototec.sbuild.runner to keep the SBuild API as small as possible.

  • Improved error messages of ScanSchemeHandler.

  • Added new commandline option --repeat to let SBuild repeat an action after a given time interval.

  • Build script compiler now records scala compiler output, e.g. for later use in IDEs. Created new scriptcompiler project.

  • Added support for sequential dependencies, which will be executed sequentially. You have to use "~" instead of "".

  • Various internal cleanups.

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