Release date: 2013-12-06



Changes since SBuild 0.6.0

SBuild core and SBuild Runner
  • Plugin system with isolated plugin class loading and hierarchical dependency resolving.

  • @classpath annotation not handles all entries as plugins (the JAR manifest will be scanned for SBuild header entries). This can be disabled by adding the prefix "raw:" to the entry.

  • Extended Project API to support Plugins, mostly for internal use.

  • Added Plugin trait/object to SBuild API to activate and interact with plugins.

  • Project resources (@classpath, @include) will be resolved in parallel.

  • Added Logger API.

  • Replaced internal SBuildLogger by SBuildMonitor API.

  • Support for localized output and a partial German translation.

  • Check and warn for identical module definitions in a project.

  • ZipSchemeHandler: When an to-be-extracted resource already exists, but has an older modification date than the zip file, re-extract it and set the modification date accordingly.

  • The cmdline shortcuts support is now able to also match hyphen-delimited target names, e.g. "uS" would match "update-site".

  • The project runtime classpath does include the scala library only once.

  • New RichFile API with contains so filerealted methdod and can be used in implicit conversion.

  • Some API cleanups.

  • New --keep-going commandline option to continue to build unaffected targets even if some targets failed. At the end, a summary of all failed and skipped targets is shown. This might be useful e.g. to run all test targets (in a CI server) which otherwise might fail the build to early.

  • Lock mechanism to avoid compilation of buildfiles concurrently.

  • Various cleanups and package reorganizations.

  • Started documentatio in AsciiDoc format.

  • Added --list-plugins and --list-available-plugin commandline options to show used and unused but available plugins.

SBuild Addons
  • New TestNG addon.

  • ScalaTest: Allow configuration of more than one reporter. Added new parameters: graphicalOutputSettings, standardOutputSettings, standardErrorSettings, outputFile, utputFileSettings, xmlOutputDir, reporterClass, additionalScalaTestArgs. Deprecated parameter: reporter.

  • ForkSupport: Added new parameters "failOnError" and "env" to ForkSupport.runAndWait.

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