Release date: 2014-03-06



Changes since SBuild 0.7.1

SBuild API
  • ZipSchemeHandler: Added new regex parameter, to support extraction of multiple resources based on that regex.

  • Plugins can now express dependencies to other plugins with the new PluginWithDependencies trait.

  • Plugins can now react on configuration changes by implementing the PluginConfigureAware trait. This is especially useful for meta-plugins that want to push their own configuration to other plugins.

  • Experimental: Added Plugin.postConfigure to have an very late configuration phase, after the body of the buildscript and other plugins have been applied.

SBuild Runner
  • Added new --search-targets commandline option to search for targets with a regular expression pattern.

  • This version again work with a Java 6 Runtime (0.7.0 and 0.7.1 do not).

  • In --list-targets (and related) show files relative to the project directory if possible.

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