Release date: 2013-07-12



Changes since SBuild 0.4.0

  • Updated dependencies: Scala 2.10.2, Jansi 1.10.

  • Added support to reference scheme handlers of other projects/modules.

  • Added parameters useArgsFile, jvmArgs and sourcePath to Scalac addon.

  • Added Scalac.scalaClasspath(version) classpath factory.

  • Fix FileNotFoundException in execution of cacheable targets with path separators in it’s name.

  • Allow to evict caches per cacheable target.

  • Huge speed up in up-to-date detection algorithm.

  • Added SchemeHandler.replace method to make the intend to replace a already registered scheme handler explicit (and checked).

  • New MapperSchemeHandler to translate schemes and/or pathes, to be used in "source" and "javadoc" scheme.

  • New experimental default schemes "source" and "javadoc", that will try to provided sources and javadoc for any given dependency, e.g. "source:mvn:a.b.1" will be translated to "mvn:a.b.1;classifier=sources"

  • Fixed --fsc option.

  • Fixed colored output under windows.

  • Bash Completion support.

  • BndJar addon creates now the target directory, if it does not exists.

  • New experimental scheme handler to access 'val’s and 'def’s in projects in new project de.tototec.sbuild.experimental.

  • Added mechanism to locate files relative to included scala files, via Path[Config]("path/relative/to/Config.scala").

  • Removed deprecated code: IfNotUpToDate, PersistentUpToDateChecker. Their functionality is now provided via phony cacheable targets (Target.cacheable, Target.evictCache).

  • Deprecated Pathes and added Paths object.

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