package sbuild

SBuild API Reference

This package contains SBuild core classes and public API.

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SBuild is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

SBuild API to be used in SBuild build scripts

The following classes form SBUild's public API:

The following classes are currently experimental or not part of the public API:

Classes and objects, not listed above are candidates to change in succeeding releases. You are encouraged, to use only the API form above in your build scripts.

Default Scheme Handlers

The following list of SchemeHandler implementations are registered by-default with their default configuration in each SBuild project. To register or overwrite a scheme handler in your project, you should use SchemeHandler(scheme, handler).

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Type Members

  1. trait BuildScriptAware extends AnyRef

  2. class BuildfileCompilationException extends ProjectConfigurationException

    Invalid use of SBuild API.

  3. trait CacheableSchemeResolver extends SchemeResolver

  4. trait CmdlineMonitor extends AnyRef

  5. class ExecutionFailedException extends SBuildException

    The execution of an target, which was defined in the project file, failed.

  6. class HttpSchemeHandler extends HttpSchemeHandlerBase with SchemeResolver

    An HTTP-Scheme handler, that will download the given URI into a directory preserving the URI as path.

  7. class HttpSchemeHandlerBase extends SchemeHandler

  8. class InvalidApiUsageException extends ProjectConfigurationException

    Invalid use of SBuild API.

  9. class InvalidCommandlineException extends SBuildException

    An invalid commandline was given.

  10. trait Logger extends Serializable

  11. class MapperSchemeHandler extends SchemeHandler

    A MapperSchemeHandler will maintain an mapping from on scheme to another scheme.

  12. class MissingConfigurationException extends SBuildException

    An required but not-configured property was accessed.

  13. class Module extends AnyRef

  14. trait MutableProject extends ProjectBase

  15. class MvnSchemeHandler extends SchemeResolver

    A SchemeHandler able to download Maven artifacts from a set of Maven repositories.

  16. class OutputStreamCmdlineMonitor extends CmdlineMonitor

  17. trait Plugin[T] extends AnyRef

    An implementation of this trait act as a plugin activator.

  18. trait PluginAware extends AnyRef

  19. trait PluginConfigureAware[T] extends AnyRef

    Plugins that will be notified whenever they get (re-)configured.

  20. sealed trait PluginDependency extends AnyRef

  21. trait PluginWithDependencies extends AnyRef

    Plugins that depend on other plugins need to implement this trait.

  22. trait Project extends MutableProject with ProjectAntSupport with PluginAware

    @implicitNotFound( ... )
  23. trait ProjectAntSupport extends AnyRef

  24. trait ProjectBase extends AnyRef

  25. class ProjectConfigurationException extends SBuildException

    A error was detected while parsing and/or initializing the project.

  26. class ProjectPool extends AnyRef

  27. trait ProjectReader extends AnyRef

  28. final class RichFile extends AnyVal

  29. class SBuildException extends RuntimeException with BuildScriptAware with TargetAware

    Common superclass for specific SBuild exceptions.

  30. class ScanSchemeHandler extends SchemeResolver with TransparentSchemeResolver with SideeffectFreeSchemeResolver

    Scans a directory for files, recursiv.

  31. trait SchemeHandler extends AnyRef

    Translates a target name into another target name

  32. trait SchemeResolver extends SchemeHandler

    A SchemeHandler, that also resolves the representing target with a built-in target scheme.

  33. trait SchemeResolverWithDependencies extends SchemeResolver

  34. trait SideeffectFreeSchemeResolver extends SchemeResolver

    An internal marker interface.

  35. trait Target extends AnyRef

  36. trait TargetAware extends AnyRef

  37. trait TargetContext extends AnyRef

    While a target is executed, this trait can be used to get relevant information about the current target execution and interact with the executor.

  38. class TargetContextImpl extends TargetContext

  39. class TargetNameMatcher extends AnyRef

  40. class TargetNotFoundException extends SBuildException

    An unknown target was requested (on command line or as a dependency).

  41. class TargetRef extends AnyRef

  42. class TargetRefs extends AnyRef

  43. trait TargetRefsImplicits extends AnyRef

  44. trait TransparentSchemeResolver extends SchemeResolver

    An internal marker interface.

  45. case class UniqueTargetFile(file: File, phony: Boolean, handler: Option[SchemeHandler]) extends Product with Serializable

  46. class UnsupportedSchemeException extends SBuildException

    An unsupported scheme was used in a target or dependency.

  47. class ZipSchemeHandler extends SchemeResolver with SchemeResolverWithDependencies with CacheableSchemeResolver

    The SchemeHandler to extract resources from a ZIP resource.

  48. class classpath extends Annotation

    Add additional classpath elements (jars, dirs) to the compile and execution environment of the current build file.

  49. class include extends Annotation

    Include one ore more Scala files to access them from the current project.

  50. class version extends Annotation

  51. class OSGiVersion extends Comparable[OSGiVersion]

    Version identifier for bundles and packages.

  52. type ProjectTarget = sbuild.internal.ProjectTarget


    (Since version Use de.tototec.sbuild.internal.ProjectTarget instead.

  53. case class ResolveResult(wasUpToDate: Boolean, error: Option[Throwable]) extends Product with Serializable


    (Since version No longer in use.

Value Members

  1. object CmdlineMonitor

  2. object Constants

  3. object ExportDependencies

    Export dependencies to be consumed by other tools, e.

  4. object Logger extends Serializable

  5. object MavenSupport

  6. object Module

  7. object Modules

  8. object NoopCmdlineMonitor extends CmdlineMonitor

  9. object Path

    Path can be used to produce absolute File instances which are relative to the current SBuild project directory or the directory containing an included and explicit requested project resource.

  10. object Paths

  11. object Plugin

    This object contains useful apply method to activate and access plugin instances.

  12. object PluginDependency

  13. object Prop

  14. object RichFile

  15. object SBuildVersion

  16. object SchemeHandler

    Register a SchemeHandler under a scheme qualifier into the current project.

  17. object SetProp

  18. object Target

  19. object TargetNameMatcher

  20. object TargetRef

  21. object TargetRefs extends TargetRefsImplicits

  22. package execute

  23. package internal

  24. implicit def toRichFile(file: File): RichFile

  25. implicit def toTargetRefs_fromFile(file: File)(implicit project: Project): TargetRefs

    Definition Classes
  26. implicit def toTargetRefs_fromSeq(targetRefs: Seq[TargetRef]): TargetRefs

    Definition Classes
  27. implicit def toTargetRefs_fromString(string: String)(implicit project: Project): TargetRefs

    Definition Classes
  28. implicit def toTargetRefs_fromTarget(target: Target): TargetRefs

    Definition Classes
  29. implicit def toTargetRefs_fromTargetRef(targetRef: TargetRef): TargetRefs

    Definition Classes

Deprecated Value Members

  1. object OSGiVersion


    (Since version Use internal.OSGiVersion instead

  2. object Pathes


    (Since version Use Paths instead.

  3. object ResolveFiles

    EXPERIMENTAL API - Resolve TargetRefs.

  4. object Util extends Util

    This is not public API of SBuild.

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